About the company

Dolce Paper is a design and printing company established in 2016. We are an original, visionary, and luxury brand created to beautify and simplify your world every day.

We share our passions through unique, fashionable and innovative products. The creative process we navigate lies at the crossroads of beauty and function.


Create customized, template free products for the bride that wants to surprise their guests with her unique personal style suite.


Flawless stationery, available when you need it, already assembled, an invitation created just for you.


We hand craft ideas into beautiful tangible designs, print them and deliver them directly to your hands, ready to be mailed to your guests.

We Believe in The Art of the Possible.

Flat printing refers to methods of printing from a digital based image directly to paper stock or when an inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. While development of the offset press began in the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that images were printed on paper. Items may be digitally printed or offset printed depending on the item.
Ink is pressed into the paper with metallic plates. Originally used for book printing starting in the 15th century, this method has seen a tremendous rise in popularity. While it used to be considered a flaw in the printing process back in the day, we now push our print partners to achieve a deep indentation resulting in a visible impression which is consider today to be a mark of quality. Due to the hand nature of this artisanal printing process, variation in color and coverage should be expected.
With foil stamping, foils (which are often metallic) are also pressed into paper stock via heated copper plates (also commonly known as hot stamping). Foil stamping is typically used to add shiny, luxurious accents to your design, but can also be used to add matte colors, like white, to colored paper. Foil stamping may leave a light impression on your paper.
The laser-cutting technology uses a high-powered laser directed through optics to cut materials like paper, wood, metal, and acrylic. This technique adds intricately cut details to an invitation, sleeve, bellyband and more.
Engraving, which was first used by silversmiths to proof intricate designs, is achieved by etching designs onto a copper plate, then transferring from plate to paper resulting in a detailed, raised a design on the surface of the paper. Because of the intense pressure on the press, engraving causes bruising on the backside of the paper, which is viewed as a sign of authenticity and prestige.
Hand-finishing often involves the individual gluing of envelopes, invitations being hand-mounted to a separate piece for added design, and assembling of laser cut or printed bands around a set of cards. These are the final steps of many printing processes involving careful, quality handwork to complete and finalize a piece up to our standards.
Die-cutting is the cutting by a machine, of paper and other materials into shapes with sharp steel knives. We love to create unique and custom dies shapes for our invitations, business cards, envelopes, and anything!
We have many more options, like ribbons, wax seals, boxes and much more.

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